Chemical weapons – UXO – Baltic Sea

" Crow Skull " . birds by the Baltic sea coast are affected by the plasics and dioxins polluting the Baltic sea.

“Crow Skull”, The Sea Has memory project

Partial list of WWII munitions dumped in the Baltic Sea:

71469 250-kg airbombs, armed with Iprit (Sulfur mustard gas);
14258 250-kg and  500-kg airbombs, armed with Chloracetophene, Arsine oil, Chlorine Arsine compoinds
8027 50-kg  airbombs, armed with Adamsite;
408565 artillery rounds  75 mm, 105 mm and 150 mm caliber, armed with Iprit (Sulfur mustard gas);
34592 chemical mortar rounds at 20 kg and 50 kg;
10420 smoke chemical mines calib. 100 mm;
1004 containers with 1506 tonnes of Iprit (Sulfur mustard gas) ;
8429 barrels with 1030 tonnes Adamsite and Chlorine ;
169 tonnes of containers with cyanide salt,  Chlorine compounds, cyanide compounds;
7860 cans of Zyklon gas used by nazis in concentration camps

Boris Surikov, General Major, Soviet Military, retired.

German Waters Teeming With WWII Munitions