A reclusive potter living in the Swedish countryside, surrounded by forest,  Airbgr enjoys using methods compatible with the surroundings.

Elk, moose, crows, owls, wild boars and foxes leave marks and sometimes sing. In the colder months, forest birds come to the feeder. Bullfinches stop by in the heart of winter.

Glazes are primarily wood ash from the kiln and stove used to heat the house.

Firing is done in an earth pit, wood kiln, or a combination of methods, depending on the desired outcome.

The changing nature of fire, earth, water and air that meet together in pottery is not fought against, but embraced, celebrating the true form of the materials.

All glazes are food & human safe, locally sourced and have not been tested on animals ( the potter excluded ).

Airbgr uses stoneware high-fire clay to provide durability and longevity.

The totality of the methods, embracing change, means that the work will alter with time, just like their owner.